Registry DataBase : Guided tour
First of all, identify your Version of Windows.
Some of you may immediately want to see the Map of the site or, if you are too eager, the Tips and tricks section. Others may prefer to read the Introduction to the registry first. Then, you will have to read the sections about HKeys, as well as Backup and maybe Compression. It may prove necessary to know the different Types of registry variables and to be able to use .reg and .inf files. If security does matter for you, see about policy management with .pol and .adm files.
Afterwards, you will be able to continue the guided tour by clicking the icons located in the icon bar above, to discover the registry's entries sized by theme. Start with the Machine (computer) icon.
If you want to find a precise entry, use the Index, or the Noindex (for entries starting with No) in the menu on your left. See also the indexes HKCR, HKCU and HKLM in that menu.
You may have to read the sections about Boot.ini, MsDosSys or Rundll32. The registry also uses the Control Panel Extensions. Finally, here are some Links and Books about the registry.


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