Registry DataBase : Tips and tricks
A few tweaks appreciated by many users :
Speed up Start Menu display
Enable RAS from Internet Explorer
Use Tab at MS-DOS prompt
Enable 3rd mouse button
Enable Word 97/2000 livescroll
Enable Excel 2000 4-digit year display
Display tips at startup
Display legal notice at startup
Add a file type in Desktop \New context menu
Add an icon in My Computer
Add a desktop option to folder context menu
Add an MS-DOS prompt option to folder context menu
Add an Explore from here option to folder context menu
Parse Autoexec.bat at Windows NT startup
Assign icon to Desktop item
Assign icon to My Computer item
Assign sounds to application events
Assign path to user folders
Assign icon for shortcuts
Specify fonts to be displayed in Explorer
Specify programs to be executed at startup
Use bitmap as Internet Explorer toolbar background
Assign spooler path for Windows NT
Compress Windows NT registry
Determine which Windows NT Service Pack has been installed
Create context menus for file types
Create special submenus in Start Menu
Create a log in Windows NT
Specify number of lines for wheel scroll
Assign WAB (Windows Address Book) file path
Assign Outlook Express file path
Disable popup errors at Windows NT startup
Disable MS-DOS prompt in Windows 95/98
Disable Restart in MS-DOS mode option in Windows 95/98
Disable Shift at startup
Disable Windows 95/98/ME Task Manager
Disable Windows NT/2K Task Manager
Disable registry editing tools
Unlock Caps Lock with Shift in Windows NT
Prevent adding printers
Disable logon without password in Windows 95/98
Close unstable tasks more quickly
Display password expiry warning in Windows NT
Manage file names
Execute 16-bit applications in seperate memory areas in Windows NT
Remove drives from My Computer
Remove last user name
Remove Desktop icon
Remove My Computer icon
Remove Explorer option
Remove Start Menu option
Change computer name
Change owner name
Change file type context menus
Force Internet Explorer to ask user to disconnect
Force Windows NT to record L2 cache
Configure MsDos.sys
Configure Boot.ini
Configure Rundll32
Configure Dr Watson
Configure icon display
Configure menu display
Configure Recycle Bin context menu
Configure windows
Configure wallpaper
Configure screensaver
Customize Internet Explorer title bar
Customize Outlook Express title bar
Customize System Properties
Backup registry
Logon without password
Disable Click here to start message from taskbar
Lock Active Desktop
Lock Internet Explorer
Lock RAS
Lock Control Panel \Display
Lock System Properties in Windows 95/98/ME
Clear page file at Windows NT shutdown
Clear user's most recently used item lists


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