Registry DataBase :
Reduce the size of Windows NT's Registry
Being a database, the registry may get fragmented because it is constantly modified. Especially when values are set to 0, there is no cleaning mechanism to remake unused space available. Fragmentation can become very important on an overworked machine. There is no tool for compressing Windows NT's registry, but there is a way to do it. Backup your registry first.
Uncompress the hives in a temporary location.
Expand %SystemRoot%\Repair\Default._ %Temp%\Default
Expand %SystemRoot%\Repair\Sam._ %Temp%\Sam
Expand %SystemRoot%\Repair\Security._ %Temp%\Security
Expand %SystemRoot%\Repair\Software._ %Temp%\Software
Expand %SystemRoot%\Repair\System._ %Temp%\System
Comparing the size of the hives in %Temp% with the ones in %SystemRoot% \System32 \Config may show a very interesting difference. The biggest hive is generally Software. Replace the hives in %SystemRoot% \System32 \Config with the ones in %Temp%. Windows NT keeps active hives open and locked. The way out is to copy the files when the system is not loaded.
If you have installed Windows NT on FAT partition, just reboot in DOS mode.
If Windows NT is on an HPFS partition, the best way is to install a 2nd version which you will use to boot and update the 1st version's hives.
This method is not riskless, but automatic increasing of the registry's size may entail poor system performance. If your server or workstation gets slow and there is no obvious reason for that, reducing the size of the registry may enhance performance. To be used only if you can undo.


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