Windows 95/98/ME Rundll32.exe parameters
Very few of these parameters seem to work in Windows NT, that is why this section applies rather to Windows 95/98/ME.
Remote Access Rundll32.exe maui.dll,RnaWizard
Remote Access without startup screen Rundll32.exe maui.dll,RnaWizard/1
Add new hardware Wizard Rundll32.exe sysdm.cpl,installDevice_RunDLL
Connect a network drive Rundll32.exe user,wnetconnectdialog
Copy from diskette to diskette Rundll32.exe diskcopy.dll,DiskCopyRunDll
Creates a shortcut Rundll32 AppWiz.Cpl,NewLinkHere %1 (with Windows Update)
Rundll32 AppWiz.Cpl,NewLinkHere %2 (without Windows Update)
Disconnect a network drive Rundll32.exe user,wnetdisconnectdialog
Disables mouse Rundll32.exe mouse,disable
Disables keyboard Rundll32.exe keyboard,disable
Explorer Rundll32.exe shell,shellexecute
Control Panel icons See the list of CPL files
Prints test page Rundll32.exe msprint2.dll,RunDLL_PrintTestPage
Installs an .inf file Rundll32.exe setupx.dll, InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 132 Path\FileName
Inverts mouse buttons Rundll32.exe user,swapmousebutton (once inverted, you can not restore usual button functions)
Set cursor blinking frequency Rundll32.exe user,setcaretblinktime value
Set double-click speed Rundll32.exe user,setdoubleclicktime value
Control Panel Rundll32.exe shell32,Control_RunDLL
Turns the computer off Rundll32.exe user,exitwindows
Refreshes display Rundll32.exe user,repaintscreen
Logs off and opens the logon dialog box Rundll32.exe shell32,SHExitWindowsEx 0
Turns the computer off Rundll32.exe shell32,SHExitWindowsEx 1
Restarts the computer Rundll32.exe shell32,SHExitWindowsEx 2


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