Registry DataBase : Sounds and application events
The sounds associated to the application events are sored in 2 subkeys. Here are, for example, the SystemExit subkeys which store the information related to the sound played at Windows shutdown :
System : 95, 95+IE4.x, 98, ME, NT, 2K
Key : HKCU \AppEvents \EventLabels \SystemExit
Contains a REG_SZ entry specifying the name of the event in the Control Panel Sounds icon.
System : 95, 95+IE4.x, 98, ME, NT, 2K
Key : HKCU \AppEvents \Schemes \Apps \.Default \SystemExit \.Current
Contains a REG_SZ entry specifying the wave file associated with the event. Exceptions : the subkeys indicated in red in the table below are located in HKCU \AppEvents \Schemes \Explorer.
Standard system sounds - Office 97 sounds - Beep
Top Standard system sounds
SubKey Event
.Default Default sound
AppGPDefault Application error
ActivatingDocument End browsing
CCSelect Select object
Close Close application
CriticalBatteryAlarm Alarm when battery critical
EmptyRecycleBin Empty Recycle Bin
InfraredBeginCommunication Begin infrared communication
InfraredBeginDeviceInRange Enable reachable infrared devices
InfraredEndCommunication End infrared communication
InfraredEndDeviceInRange Disable reachable infrared devices
InfraredInterrupted Interrupt infrared communication
InfraredNewFiles New files notification
LowBatteryAlarm Alarm when battery low
MailBeep New mail
Maximize Maximize window
MenuCommand Select menu command
MenuPopup Menu popup
Minimize Minimize window
MoveMenuItem Move menu item
Navigating Starts browsing
Open Open application
RestoreDown Go down one level
RestoreUp Go up one level
RingIn Incoming calls
RingOut Outgoing calls
ShowBand Display toolbar
SystemAsterisk Display asterisk message box
SystemExclamation Display exclamation message box
SystemExit Shutdown Windows
SystemHand Display hand message box
SystemQuestion Display question message box
SystemStart Start Windows
Top Office 97 sounds
SubKey Event
Office97 - AddItemtoView Add item to view
Office97 - Alert Alert
Office97 - AutoCorrect Automatic spellcheck
Office97 - BestFit Best fit
Office97 - Clear Clear
Office97 - Cut&Clear Cut and clear
Office97 - Delete Delete
Office97 - DeleteRow Delete row/line
Office97 - DialogCancel Close dialog box
Office97 - DialogOK Open dialog box
Office97 - Drag Drag
Office97 - Drop Drop
Office97 - Expand/Collapse Expand/Collapse
Office97 - FolderSwitch Switch between folders
Office97 - GroupScopeSwitch Switch between groups sectors
Office97 - GroupSwitch Switch between groups
Office97 - InsertRow Insert row/line
Office97 - ModeSwitch Switch between modes
Office97 - NewItem New item
Office97 - PlyScroll Scroll
Office97 - PlySelect Select
Office97 - ProcessComplete End of process
Office97 - Redo Redo
Office97 - ScrollArrow Scroll arrow
Office97 - ScrollBar Scroll bar
Office97 - ScrollThumb Scroll thumb
Office97 - Send Send
Office97 - Sort Sort
Office97 - ToolbarClick Click on toolbar
Office97 - ToolbarClose Close toolbar
Office97 - ToolbarLock Lock toolbar
Office97 - ToolbarFocus Focus on toobar
Office97 - ToolbarUnlock Unlock toolbar
Office97 - Undo Undo
Office97 - ViewSwitch Switch view
Office97 - ZoomIn Zoom in
Office97 - ZoomOut Zoom out
Top Beep
Key : HKCU \Control Panel \Sound
Entry : Beep
System : 95, 95+IE4.x, 98, ME, NT, 2K
Type : REG_SZ
Range : YES or NO
YES : Beeps on application error. A sound must have been defined for the Application error item in the Control Panel Sounds icon for Beep to work.


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