Customizing System Properties
To customize the General tab in System \Properties, it is not necessary to edit the registry. Create a file called oeminfo.ini in the System/System32 folder (depending on your version of Windows) containing the following lines :
Manufacturer Name
Computer Model

[Support Information]
Text displayed in
the message box
opened when you click
on Support Information

The General section displays information about the computer's manufacturer and model displayed above the processor version and the amount of memory installed in your machine located at the bottom of the General tab.
The Support Information section displays the Support Information... button which opens a message box containing the text typed in all LineX when clicked.
To display a logo to the left of the General information, create a 180x114 pixel file called oemlogo.bmp in System/System32. And here it is. The file oeminfo.ini is required for the logo to be displayed although there is no explicit reference to the logo in that file.


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